Online Course Creation 101

Lesson Objectives


Our website is under construction! While you wait, please enjoy this fun, fast introduction to online courses from the perspective of a course instructor or entrepreneur – that's you!

In this course, you'll learn to:

  1. List the 🍏 benefits of online courses for users and developers.
  2. Describe 🏫 3 types of online courses and how they relate to your business goals.
  3. Discuss the 💭 3 different learning styles and how they correspond to online teaching techniques.
  4. Identify common sources for 📝 content development for your course.
  5. Describe steps for selecting an appropriate learning management system 💻 to deliver your course.
  6. Plan 📈 marketing strategies to attract students to your course.
  7. Experience online education and Design My Course offerings through a fun, short sample course.

In a series of interactive short slides, we'll review the major steps in bringing your course to life and attracting students. We'll close with resources to find more information.

Benefits of an Online Course

Click below on all that you think apply.
That's right! Your course can tap into a growing $150+ billion dollar industry.
Correct! Plus, you can to train others to follow in your footsteps using a series of progressive courses that certify students from beginner to professional through a virtual academy.
Yes! With an online course, time and place are no longer barriers to learning. As long as they have internet, students can be anywhere in the world.
Excellent! With no printing, inventory, or shipping fees, as well as the ability to automate most lessons and grading, an online course is essentially self-sustaining.
Great job! It costs very little to deliver your course, which means that every student can represent a profit. You can even start to pre-sell and generate revenue before your course is ready to deliver!
No way! With Design My Course's services, creating an online course is easy and affordable. With low fees possible all around, online courses are almost always a win-win.

Great work! Indeed, this list barely touches on the benefits of online courses. Without a doubt, online courses are the cutting edge and modern way to deliver valuable content to your audience – and that goes both ways. After all, for students, online learning is a convenient way to access and master knowledge on their own time and terms. Plus, research continues to pour in showing that online education can be just as or more effective than traditional education while being much cheaper, which helps to explain its explosive growth in recent years.

This makes online courses a perfect opportunity. The field is new enough that isn't saturated, so your course could be the first in your industry to tap the market. At the same time, it's established enough that people are very comfortable with learning online.

Types of Online Courses & Platforms


Yoga Instructor

This type of course packages your expertise and repurposes your materials into an exciting multi-media experience that's fast, easy and readily accessible for your customers (kind of like the course you're taking now). Customers 👥 can pay you a fee or subscription 💵 to learn your special skills 🔧. Online learning offers your customers the flexibility to learn at their own pace, any time of day ☀ or night 🌙, in the comfort of their own home or office, on their favorite device 📱 – allowing you to earn passive income.

Case Study: A yoga instructor who was also certified as a holistic wellness coach created an online program to help clients do periodic detoxes. The course led students through a detox with recipes, schedules, and an easy online tracking system. While many of her current clients enrolled, several clients who lacked the time or money to receive her in-person coaching her were also able to utilize her new service. Thus, she was able to increase profits by accessing a new customer base as well as re-engaging her old one.

Types of Online Courses & Platforms

Informational & Branding


These courses offer online delivery of valuable information designed to educate the public (or your staff) 👥, generate goodwill ❤, and motivate them to learn more 💬. While not always income-bearing in and of themselves, these courses still cultivate relationships 🤝 and save you time 🕐 – and time is money!

💉 Case Study: A busy plastic surgeon who typically performs many of the same procedures uses an online platform to prepare the patient (pre-op), let them know exactly what to expect, and give post-op instructions for the patient or caretaker. The patient can review this helpful information at any time, freeing up physicians' and staff from repeating this material – and it's more fun and effective than printed handouts!

Types of Online Courses & Platforms

Professional & Specialized Training


These courses provide specialized training, advanced knowledge, certification, or continuing education credits/units (CEU). E-learning is ideal for busy professionals 💼 who want simple easy access to fulfill their required units or increase their expertise. Professional courses can also be developed to train customers, sales reps, staff 👥 and others how to use a unique product or service.

📊 Case Study: A CPA developed a unique approach to handling corporate deductions. Having presented this to one of the qualifying review boards, she received approval to create a course for inclusion in their LMS.

Case Study: A hospital administrator lamented poor customer service at many doctors' offices, but most doctors don't have the time or resources to train these staff. Design My Course developed an online course that doctors can purchase for their front office staff members to be trained in best practices.

Types of Online Courses & Platforms

Certification: Training the Trainers!


These are in-depth courses that provide credentials 📛 for individuals seeking specific knowledge or specialization. These courses can be done fully online or in combination with hands-on workshops 👋 or scheduled online seminars 💻. When you have achieved a position of authority and expertise in your field, others 🙋 will want to follow in your footsteps 👣.

🌺 Case Study: An acupuncturist with years of experience has developed a unique approach and special techniques. People from around the world would like to be trained in her style, and she can learn do most of the preliminary training in the online format. Periodic in-house seminars and workshops are offered. Graduates receive a valuable certification to further their careers – and act as free walking advertisements of her program.

Online Teaching Techniques

There are 3 main learning styles – and DMC integrates all of these channels in a Dynamic Multimedia Experience for your students and followers.

Click the style that you think best represents you.

👁 Visual (seeing) 👂 Auditory (listening) ✋ Kinesthetic (feeling)

Interesting! Most folks have a dominant learning style but learn best through a mix of the modalities – where the multi-media aspect of online courses can excel.

Fortunately, while it might seem overwhelming to target all three styles, most instructors already have all the materials they need! Much of what you have already produced can be re-purposed into content for your course. We'll show you how on the next slide (or you can click the other types above to learn more about them).

Visuals thrive with graphics, videos, lists, and short paragraphs. Online courses work especially well for this very common style of learning.
Auditories thrive with voice-overs, recordings, and teleconferences. With an online course, they can replay whenever they'd like.
Kinesthetics need to actively experience material, such as through a game or lab. Button-clicking and fill-in-the-blank can engage these users online.

Course Development

Do you have any of the following that may be "gathering dust" and not actively earning you income?
Click the ones you currently have.

We knew you had it in you! Any or all of these materials can be worked and reworked into a course. The hardest part is selecting and organizing materials into something fun and coherent, but Design My Course can take care of that. Instead of wasting away in your filing cabinet or hard drive, your intellectual assets could be earning you income and spreading your message across continents!

Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Great job! An LMS does all the above and then some. Essentially, a learning management system (LMS) is the software that delivers your course (you're using a simple LMS now). Your LMS represents the online part of your online course.

Popular commercially-available LMS include Lifter, Adobe Captivate, Teachable and more. Prices range from free to thousands of dollars. LMS also vary in how user-friendly, feature-packed, or mobile-ready they are.

Fortunately, if this sounds overwhelming, our experts can review your requirements and help you pick a great and affordable LMS. We can set up your LMS, build a website or integrate into your current website, install your course, test and troubleshoot, update and maintain – the whole kaboodle! Plus, we make sure your course is accessible via all of your portable devices.

For sure! This can include e-commerce aspects as well, such as accepting payments.
It's easy! Grading can be automatic or manual, depending on what you need. This can also include generating certificates if certain conditions are met.
Yep! LMS can deliver so many types of lessons, assessments, and assignments, including videos, multiple-choice quizzes, written reports, and more.
Right on! Plus, course forums can be used to allow students to discuss and collaborate on lessons and projects.

Marketing Strategies

Now that your course is online, how do you get people to sign up for it? So-called conversions are notorious for being the trickiest aspect of any online business. Fortunately, online courses are an easier sell than many products.

Click the ones that you think are effective marketing strategies for your course.

You think like a pro! As we mentioned, sales and enrollments have been skyrocketing; people are comfortable with studying online. Yet the field is new enough that isn't saturated, so your course could be the first in your industry to tap the market. Don't wait!

We're happy to report that most of our clients recover their investment plus some before they launch by pre-selling their courses. In fact, Design My Course was created by Dr. LJ Rose (who turned years of experience and materials from her international speaking career into a profitable online academy with students in 14 countries) when other professionals and entrepreneurs began approaching her for advice on how to start their own academies!

Sounds good! These people have already expressed interest in your services. Online courses are particularly attractive to clients who no longer have the time or money for some of your more premium offerings.
Hey now! That would be pretty unethical. Let's try something else.
Nice idea! By offering former students nominal discounts or commissions for successful sign-ups, you incentive them to find new students for you.
Perfect! When you've already captivated the audience, people are very receptive to learning more from you. You can often get sign-ups on the spot!
Makes sense! While this might not be as effective as other methods, it's free and easy.
We'd love to! This sort of thing is how we got our start. While the above tips are generalized, we'd love to give you guidance specific to your goals and industry.



Congrats! You passed Online Course Creation 101. To wrap up, in this sample course, you:

  1. Learned about some of the major steps and infrastructure involved in bringing an online course to life
  2. Discovered how many resources you already have can be leveraged into passive income and a whole new branding platform for your business
  3. Joined (or re-joined) the ranks of millions of students by completing an online course
  4. Explored a sample Design My Course product (one of our full courses would consist of 4 to 10 lessons of this length, and a certification or academy would contain many courses)

As you embark on your online course, we'd love to be by your side. When you work with Design My Course, your course creation typically requires under 5 hours of your time, yet can generate thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars while increasing your online presence and reputation. We're proud to be the only company that offers this complete service.

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